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Vision, Mission and Values


To be the market leader in social housing software by providing an exceptional application and support, to empower social housing organisations to efficiently manage their tenancies and properties.

To help those who help others.


Our values combine the way we work with the people who are beneficiaries from social housing. Above all else, when making decisions, we ask ourselves,

'What is the right thing to do?'

  • Optimistic: Improving the lives of others

    • A customer focused attitude is a must when engaging
      with our client base.


    • No matter how big or small the request is, if it's possible,
      we'll make it happen!

  • Authentic: One big family

    • We treat everyone who uses Chintaro as part of the family - we're one big team working together.

    • We promote, support and maintain a safe, healthy, equitable, diverse and respectful workplace for all team members and the diverse array of customers we support. 

    • Our customers get a person on the other side of the
      exchange - no dry, script reading support agents here!


    • We're a down-to-earth bunch who listen, are open with
      each other, and respectfully tell it like it is.


  • Trust: Help when it's needed

    • We're there for our customers when help is required.

    • We care and we're not afraid to show it.

    • A can-do and approachable attitude on the support line
      and help desk is a must.


  • Accountability: Keep it real

    • We're open and honest when we communicate and
      keep ourselves accountable.


    • Everyone has something to learn, everyone has
      something to teach.


    • We always seek to do the right thing, and if things don't
      quite go to plan, we own it. We review what happened,
      learn from it and move on, smarter and better than before. 


  • Innovative: Make a difference

    • We're not afraid to try new things and value feedback as necessary for growth.

    • We're imaginative and aren't afraid of taking risks.

    • We believe that great ideas come from everywhere and we engage in a culture of continuous improvement.

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